Linda Tahija North Star Diamond Signet Ring - White Gold


Our North Star Diamond Signet Ring is a precious and timeless signet style ring that is to be cherished for life. The North Star holds great symbolism of direction and hope. This ring is crafted in solid 9k white gold and features a natural white diamond. 

Diamond quality: JK P1. 1 x 0.015ct (1.5mm) TDW = 0.015ct
Ring thickness: 2.2mm
Feature diameter: 7mm
Sizes available: Small, Medium (please see ring size dimensions below)

Ring Size Information

Our rings are offered in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. There are different sizing standards for rings worldwide - please refer to the below sizing chart which details the AU/UK letter size, the US size and also the inside diameter measurement.

Want to know more? We understand how tricky online shopping can be...... and what looks great on a size 4, 10 foot amazon lady model doesn’t always convert to real bodies. So what we can offer are some real bodies.  We are a small team of mums and a token hot grandma and range from size 6 - 22.

If you're second guessing a fit, one of us will be in your size range and can try it on and send you photos. Let us know what you are looking for in a garment and we can give you direction with cuts and styling to best suit your needs.

Not sure? We don’t want you to be left with anything you don’t 100% love, live in and rave to your friends about. So if it’s not quite right send it back. We will look after you and offer quick exchanges or full refunds for all online purchases. Happy customers mean the world to us. 

The struggle: We understand that everybody’s different and we get the battles that go along with finding longer length sleeves and pants for tall ladies. On the shorter side we understand how it is trying to find tops that aren’t too long. We know these struggles well; let us do the ground work for you by providing some curated options for your needs. This is our thing and we love doing it! Please reach out and get in touch, we would love to provide you with real and customised service to save you time and meet your needs. 

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t: 02 6721 0370

We are also size inclusive, offering embrace/plus size clothing up to size 26 and petite sizes too - XXXS / size 4 in ladies.

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