Kowtow - A Slow Fashion Label With A Big Global Conscience

When thinking about iconic Aussie & NZ fashion labels, Kowtow is one that instantly comes to mind.  Not only do they create beautifully crafted and timeless dresses, tops, pants and knits for women, but they’re also a label with a big social conscience.

Ethically Made Fashion | Slow Fashion

Kowtow collections take around 18 months from design conception through to delivery to retail stores.  Compared to around 3 months or less for most fast fashion labels, this slower time frame means Kowtow can achieve the basis of their values – to ensure workers’ rights and to protect the environment in which they operate.

Kowtow has worked with the same two manufacturers since their inception in 2006.  Both are SA8000 certified organisations which means they work towards developing and maintaining socially acceptable standards in the workplace and workers receive benefits including a guaranteed minimum wage, social security, a pension fund, pain annual leave, sick pay, medical insurance and paid over time.

Kowtow values Fairtrade principles with all their cotton certified by ‘Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International’ (FLO).  The flow on effect of this is enabling cotton farmers to negotiate with buyers to secure a better price for their product.  Kowtow pay a premium on their cotton which is then passed on to farming groups to put towards community projects, educational facilities, farmer training and upgrades.

Sustainable Fabrics & A Circular Design

All Kowtow collections are made from organic, renewable and biodegradable fibres. Along with organic cotton, garments may contain regenerated nylon, Tencel, mohair or alpaca fleece. Kowtow fabrics are unique, with weave, colour, stitch and prints all designed by the team, in-house.

With a circular design, Kowtow wants to ensure that what they produce doesn’t end up as waste, designing with the entire garment life cycle in mind. All packaging used is recyclable and garment dyes are environmentally friendly.  This thoughtful label has really considered all aspects of their environmental impact, even sourcing buttons and trims that will ensure minimal impact by the wearer.

For the Australian summer ahead, we are loving the Kowtow Classic Tee  paired with the Explorer Shorts or your favourite linen shorts. The Kowtow Racer Back Singlet is also a favourite amongst the Eclectic House team and the Kowtow Square Dress is perfect for an evening meal with friends.

View our entire Kowtow collection online here.