How To Wear Your Linen Through The Cooler Months.

If you've made an investment in linen for your wardrobe, you're probably wondering how to get the most out of these garments all year round. 
Linen is one of the only fabrics that thermoregulates with your temperature.  It is cooler and more breathable against your body in summer and warmer in winter. How? When its cold, the linen fibres contract to reduce the inter-fibre space between them, trapping the air and allowing your body to warm it up and in turn insulate you. When its hot, the inter-fibre space expands and warm air is able to escape and cool you down.
We love to layer with linen in winter, so don’t go packing up those summer linen dresses just yet!  In Autumn, opt for your strappy linen dress with a light knit. In mid winter you can wear leggings and a long sleeve underneath your dress and then a jacket. We love the ethos of slow fashion; buy less buy better. The functionality of linen means it can be worn all year round and will last a lifetime if cared for properly (see our linen care guide blog post for more details on how to care for your linen). 
We pride ourselves on offering size-inclusive garments that better reflect the modern Australian woman.  We embrace labels that have body positive attitudes and offer plus size garments to compliment the modern Australian woman.