Temple of the Sun Kosmos Ring - Carnelian Gold


Size 7

In Ancient times the seal or signet ring was traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage, as it bore the family crest or coat of arms in reverse so that it could be pressed into soft clay or way used to seal documents. The Kosmos Ring, in 18K Polished Gold Vermeil, is a contemporary expression of this ancient style. The radiant Carnelian that sits center stage speaks to the fire of a sunset or the first flash of autumn, the vibrance of joy, of possibility, and leadership.

Stone Properties 

Like the unexpected fire of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance Carnelian captivates the eyes and the imagination. Its bold energy brings a rush of joy that lingers, stimulating feelings of steadfastness and empowerment. Known as a stone of motivation and undulation, leadership and courage Carnelians have protected and inspired us throughout history. 

Temple Jewellery

All of our Jewellery is hand-made according to the highest quality and our craftsmen are certified to meet global standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Our Gold Vermeil jewellery is hand-made from ethically sourced 925 Silver, finished with a high quality 2.5 Micron thick layer of 18K Gold plate ensuring the rich gold lustre is retained longer.

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