Stevie Jean Stardust Necklace Pisces - Gold


Our zodiac stardust necklace features a zodiac pendant with an etched Pisces symbol – two fish and a lightly brushed finish.

Sign | Pisces |  Mutable | February 19 - March 20 | The Pisces floats like a dream. They are connected, intuitive and considerate. They have a passion within that is both mysterious and magnetic. A pure heart, kind and deep.

Element | Water | The water element is a magnetic and passionate force full of deep emotion. Equally sensitive and strong these are people who need others, but also need the restoring space of solitude. They are determined and posses intuition.

Stone | Aquamarine | Aquamarine is useful for moving through transition and change. It is considered a symbol of faithfulness, courage and friendship. Its gentle energy inspires truth, trust and letting go. It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used for many years by sailors for luck, fearlessness and protection.


  • 14crt gold vermeil plated charm 
  • Gold-fill  Rope Chain
  • Length | 18inch | 44cm with 3cm extender | Extends to 47cm

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