Stevie Jean Stardust Necklace Gemini- Gold


Our zodiac stardust necklace features a zodiac pendant with the Gemini symbol – twins and a lightly brushed finish.

Sign | Gemini | Mutable | May 21 - June 20 | The Gemini encompasses a confident energy with creative and imaginative minds. Their inquisitive nature can at times make them restless. They can be many different things for different people. They are adaptable, flexible and versatile and their love shows no limits.

Element | Air | They can howl like the wind or be as fresh as a summer breeze. They are free and open and their independence and curiosity make them for adventurers. They are rational and analytical when it comes to decision making. They love deeply and have a unique gift of self-expression and connection with others.

Stone | White Topaz |  White topaz is the stone of truth, it embodies the energy of the spirit and is akin to the cosmic awareness. Topaz pushes creative and spiritual endeavours and encourages flexibility and openness.


  • 14crt gold vermeil plated charm 
  • Gold-fill Rope Chain
  • Length | 18inch | 44cm with 3cm extender | Extends to 47cm

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