Stevie Jean

Stevie Jean Stardust Necklace Aries - Gold


Our zodiac stardust necklace features a zodiac pendent with an etched Aries symbol – The Ram and a lightly brushed finish.

Sign | Aries | Cardinal | March 21 - April 19 | The arians are passionate, strong and fiercely loyal. They are always keen for adventure and love spontaneity. They are thoughtful and kind to their lovers, family and friends. Their presence is always known and they lead with ambition.

Element | Fire | They have fearless optimism and Enthusiasm. Their adaptive and versatile nature makes them an inspiring companion. Their radiance lights up any room they walk into and the fire inside makes them hungry for adventure. 

Stone | Garnet | Dreams of garnet signify the solution of a mystery. The stone was cherished by early medieval jewellers who incorporated the stone into many designs from rings, brooches to buckles and necklaces. It is a protective talisman against negativity and can help ground and stabilise our energy.


  • 14crt gold vermeil plated charm 
  • Gold-fill Rope Chain
  • Length | 18inch | 44cm with 3cm extender | Extends to 47cm

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