Risk & Resilience: Breaking And Remaking A Brand Lisa Messenger

As the founder of Collective Hub, a multimedia platform that helps people unleash their full potential, best-selling author and acclaimed speaker Lisa Messenger has helped millions of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, thought-leaders, game-changers and style-makers turn their passions into profit. That’s only one side of the story…

If you thought Daring & Disruptive was revealing, WAIT until you read Risk & Resilience; Breaking & Remaking a Brand – the uncensored story of what it REALLY takes to survive in the start-up scene, and why pivoting can be the most powerful business strategy.

Written in REAL-TIME during the toughest year of Collective Hub’s evolution, discover why scaling too quickly, hiring without strategy and trying to please everyone can turn a dream into a disaster – and how to thrive after adversity.

About the Author

Lisa is an international speaker, best-selling author, and an authority on disruption in both the corporate sector and the start-up scene. She well and truly traverses an array of industries, having been engaged to speak across the globe for organisations including IBM, L’Oreal, Telstra, Facebook, C3 Church, Commonwealth Bank, CPA Australia, Purina, Harcourts, McDonalds and Estee Lauder.

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