Fairley Ruby Sunrise Hooks


The Ruby Sunrise Hooks from Melbourne's Fairley marry the simplicity of brushed gold with the dramatic purple/red of natural ruby. These drop style earrings feature a plain gold disk and dangly, ruby stone charm.

Gift this Valentine's Day with the Ruby Pendant Necklace.

Details & Dimensions

  • 24K Italian Gold Plate Sterling Silver | Ruby Stone
  • Total length 4.5cm
  • Handmade in Indonesia


FAIRLEY prides itself on delivering the highest quality to our customers. Our team of artisans based in Indonesia keep the ancient art form alive by hand crafting each piece from 925 sterling silver; thereby giving the jewellery its distinct matte brushed, polished and hammered aesthetic.

Our silversmiths are renowned for their natural talent along with their knowledge and skills handed down from previous generations of Indonesian artisans.

FAIRLEY adopts the highest and best form of gold plating techniques using both 18k and 24k Italian gold. We use 2 microns of gold plating on our rings and 1 micron of gold plating on all other pieces of jewellery which is tested using X-ray fluorescence in Italy for consistency and to enhance quality.

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