Binny Ahoy Shirt - Baby Pink

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The term galleon, "large ship", comes from Spanish word galeón. Such ships were the mainstay of maritime commerce into the early 19th century. Truly romantic to look at and works of art, with three billowing sails, masts & decking constructed from various hardwoods. Hundreds of expert tradesmen worked day and night for months before a galleon was seaworthy. But are we talking about a beautiful ship or a gorgeously romantic linen lace panelled shirt?

We've waited for months for these to arrive. The softest white linen, layered with lines of broderie lace. Old gold buttons, gently puffed sleeves with elasticated sleeves to joosh up or down depending on the weather. Looks just as good wrinkled as it does pressed.

A shirt for all seasons and forever.


Linen Lace Panelled Shirt 
Fits loose on purpose. Take the next size down if you want a less billowy look.
Old gold neck button closure
Full length sleeves with cuff button closure
Fabrication: 100% Linen

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