Conscious Creativity


Conscious creativity is about discovery - what inspires you to create, trying new methods and ideas to take your creativity further, and exploring how you see things - and how this makes you feel.

This book teaches you how to unlock your creative potential, see the beauty in the everyday, and cultivate a daily practice of meaningful, conscious creativity. This is a practical, process book, showing how we can all connect with our inner and personal creativity to express who we are, and embrace the joy of mindful creativity and making.
'Flow', that enviable condition of complete creative absorption, is hard for most of us to achieve in everyday life.

In Conscious Creativity, Philippa Stanton offers us the key to the door: this book is a guide to unlocking your potential and making flow a natural part of your daily creative practice. Readers will find these pages packed with joyful wisdom, which will simultaneously open their eyes to the beauty of ordinary things and enable them to make the connection with their own creative impulses to ensure the best possible results. Rich, breathtaking new photography specially created for this book reinforces each lesson in an unforgettably visual way.

About the Author

Philippa Stanton is a professional artist with over 20 years’ experience in both creating and teaching art. She holds popular workshops and teaches courses online at, while the inspirational qualities of her imagery have attracted over 450,000 followers on Instagram. Clients attracted by her work have been as diverse as Green & Black’s chocolate and The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group. Conscious Creativity is her eagerly-anticipated first book.

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