Superga 2750 Organic Cotton Shoe - Natural Beige


Superga presents: The Organic Collection

Up-to date. Caring. Good. With our essential winning formula, our iconic shoes have always been a symbol of simplicity. We constantly research new ways and procedures to develop our products with an increasingly sustainable approach.
his is the natural evolution of a brand that aims to use the resources of our planet in an elegant and wise way.

  • The upper composition of all the Organic shoes is a unique blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% natural hemp, while the eyelets and shoelaces are entirely made of organic cotton.
  • The organic cotton employed in the manufacturing of our shoes is sourced in Vietnam, according to the internationally recognized organic farming standards.
  • The insole of all the shoes is composed by a layer of natural cork, a simple yet extraordinary material. Among its other properties the cork is light, durable, impermeable and hypoallergenic.
  • Superga®’s sole rubber is natural and manually extracted from the rubber tree forests of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • The rubber is still processed with a traditional technique to guarantee high quality and elasticity standards

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